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"Superb ... destined to be a classic love story for the ages."

    --p.m. terrell, internationally-acclaimed, award-winning author



Six-year-old Amanda wandered over to the table and picked up the album cover. The name of the show, The Life and Times, was printed in bold letters across the top, with a pencil sketch of a black top hat and neatly folded white gloves in the middle. A splashy yellow sun, its rays streaming diagonally, filled the rest of the cover. She forgot about it, though, as the record began to play.

She loved it instantly.

"Again, Mommy, again!" she said excitedly when the first song ended.

Her mother shook her head. "Listen to the rest first."

Amanda sat down on her favorite soft footstool near the big brown rocker and listened. She loved it all.

There was one song especially that she liked. She didn't understand the verse, but she sang along wtih the chorus:

"... Bubbles bursting, bursting bubbles...
Breaking dreams with every blow.
I'll remember each dream burst
Till the final bubbles go."

She didn't really understand the song, but it seemed sad to her.

As with most show scores, Amanda asked to hear the record again and again. A few months later her older sister Josie, tossing a ball carelessly around the room, smashed the record.

Amanda cried and asked her mother to please buy it again, please. Her mother explained regretfully that the show had been a 'flop' years before. There were no copies around, and Josie hadn't meant to smash it; it was an accident. "Stop crying now, Amanda," she said sharply.

She listened to her mother and stopped crying. But she never forgot the song about bursting bubbles.

In glittery 1980's Los Angeles, Beau Kellogg, a brilliant Broadway lyricist, yearns for one more hit to ​compensate for his miserable marriage and disappointing life. Amanda Harary, an aspiring singer out of step with her contemporaries, dreams of singing on Broadway, while holding down a demanding day job at a small New York hotel.

When they meet in a late-night phone conversation over the hotel switchboard, it is the beginning of something neither has ever found, which will bring them untold joy, unexpected success and piercing heartache... until they learn that some connections, however improbable, are meant to last forever.