Here are some useful links & Articles for writers:

​Your Writer Platform

2 Must-Do's To Make Your Book Marketing Infinitely Easier

How to Write a One-Page Synopsis 

Formatting for eBook AND Print

Writing Basics (Links to multiple sites on research, vocabulary, spelling, grammar & proofreading--big thanks to Ava Barnes for finding this!)

GW University Links to PR-Related Writing (Links to multiple pages on George Washington University's website for writing PR and research papers, building vocabulary, spelling, editing, proofreading & more--my thanks to Linda & Samantha Williams for passing this on to me!)

Creative Writing Resources for Beginners Links to .pdf resources dealing with creative fiction, nonfiction and writing tips. Thanks so much to Libby and Lucy Maynard for this info!

Set Up an Author Website Powered by GoDaddy (highly recommended!)

Create an online presence with $1.99/ mo hosting from GoDaddy!