In response to recent queries from authors looking for assistance with the publishing (indie and traditional), marketing and promotion of their books, Susan is opening up a few spots to work one on one with authors seeking a step-by-step action plan for their books and their brand, including advice on:

* THE NEW PARADIGM IN PUBLISHING. Traditional or indie? What to look for, what to avoid like the plague. Save yourself hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with Susan's suggestions.

* THE PUBLISHING PROCESS--hard copy vs. eBook; which companies do the best work; what kind of distribution is best. Candid opinions on graphic design, back-cover blurbs, what goes in a bio (and where does the bio go?), author photos, copyright issues and more.

​* MARKETING & PROMOTION--once the book is in the production pipeline, what must you do before publication day? What do you absolutely need--and what should you always avoid? Specific advice on creating a press kit, author website and/or blog, author assistants, book blogging tours, podcasting, etc. Spend your pre-publication time wisely, and you'll be prepared when the book hits the shelves! (This includes the Amazon Bestseller Strategy, to push your novel up the Amazon bestseller lists!)


Susan is also available to read and analyze your manuscript, discussing specific concerns with subject, structure, plot, characterization, voice, etc., and provide you with a detailed report to help you improve your work. (In editing, this is referred to as a developmental edit.) In the case of a book that is already published or in the publishing process, she can offer suggestions on tweaking the book cover, formatting, cover blurb and other details.

Susan works with individual authors one on one, either by phone and email or (for local authors in Charleston, SC) in person. Payment is due before consultation, via cash, check or Paypal.


2) 90-MINUTE CONSULTATION--$165 (Save 12%. Recommended for initial consultation)

3) TWO-HOUR CONSULTATION--$200 (Save 25%. Recommended for follow-up conversations on publication, branding, promotion, and marketing--those details can take time!) 

4) Package of 3 ONE-HOUR CONSULTATIONS--$325 (save $50) Must be scheduled within a 3-month period. 

NOVEL ANALYSIS:  Request quote (cost based on length of novel)

Contact Susan via the form on the Contact page, or email: